Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The new Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d.= O K the British science kids are dumb and annoying, the cast is so "Average" looking BORING! That Girl that lives in a Van and does as much as an agency with a flying Helicarrier should look more like the girl with the dragon tattoo! otherwise the writing is pretty good, the acting is alright too! So I 'm still on board to see if it gets better! Cause lets face it even Next Gen was Dorky as hell when it first came on !

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Into Darkness : Into Disappointment!

                   Into Darkness was a shameful attempt to rehash the one most money making Star Trek Movie to make even more money! They had already established a world where they could have done anything! ANYTHING !! The Khan thing was just like huh? Totally contrived and ruined a perfectly good action Star Trek... then it hit the nail in the coffin by copying the death scene from wrath of khan.... absurd and worst acted scene of any of the new movies. It was like even the actors knew how terrible it was. Spock would never never never never never never NEVER EVER freak out like that,(he didn't even cry when HE died in that movie) he had only known him for a year not 20 years as in the original!

       As if that wasn't bad enough, they turned Uhura from a Strong history making independent woman into Spocks Girlfriend ?!? Sorry that's too far ! She means too much to too many women and young girls as a tried and true role model to just be someones girlfriend! The effects great but the silly hats and old style uniforms? The Klingons looked like weird lizard people that were easily defeated on their own home world?! Yeah sorry If it was not a supposed to be Star Trek or with out any of the Khan shit it would have been great. or at least OK . A shame cause I really like that actor as well! But, No any rich Corinthian leather at all ?! I'm sorry in this context it's too far a reach even for a Star Trek. I didn't buy the Blue Prints, Technical Manual, make a Uniform from the original and Next Generation , build every model ( then blow them up with gas and get in huge trouble) when I was 12, build an Shuttle out of Plywood at 14, get George Takeis' autograph at my first convention, write my own Novella ,play everygame even when they sucked and sat Through Star Trek 5 for that Piece of Space Debri! I like the real World of Star Trek where Kirk isn't a glorified misogynist that breaks the Prime directive and lies to starfleet, and everyone is unique and cool!

           The Biggest shame is that the last film was soooooo great !! I was so bummed out I had to get counseling from the Ain't it Cool Knowles Kid Cool And His Dad JJ ! They Steered me towards The New 'Superman',. A few other movies that I saved me 'Super' and 'Stakeland' (both coincidently available on netflix) Thank God they Live in Austin! And thank god You're my friend http://www.aintitcool.com

Me, when I bought the Technical Manual and ordered insignia's by mail.
My Wife and I being assimilated by Star Trek  each other!
Nicholas wore my old Starfleet Uniform to Eeyores Birthday Austin.

Captain James T.Kirk

Emergency on the Bridge!! :o

The Real Sherlock Holmes 

Talented Detective

Rich Corinthian Leather 
                    The Actual Khan

Uhura from a strong history making independent woman.
Spocks Girlfriend ...

Goodbye Star Trek Old Friend ?
( The real thing)

If you're too fixated on the way she walks in beauty and never notice the way she trips and grabs the corner of a desk that actually was a book a Cat  that is flying through the air right now , was sitting on
 in beauty,
 you're not in love yet.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013

So true!

created by Steve Cutts

 I play Synthesizers. I write and combine waves. Waves of vibrations sound. Waves are intrinsic to the Universe. They are as elemental as a Cat in a box, or a Cosmic event. Waves can separate and are also particles at times. Hands wave, sound waves, Cosmic, waves and waves of enthusiasm, every wave has a frequency, every frequency exists in time as a wave captured and released, Wave fronts collide and waves crash onto the beach . We are not simply observers but alas we ride the string, the fabric of everything. Attack Decay Sustain Release , our lives are waves of history.
I play a synthesizers.