Wednesday, May 29, 2013

There are times

When a lone bird at night
creates an orchestra
when sound
appears light
reflects off cars
floats in waves 
twists in tangled
hairs against the
mathematics of the moment
arms struggling
the force of air
beckoning for something
alive to listen.

Stop talking.

Sounds That Go Together

A toe hit a metal thing
in the middle of the night
Everyone awoke
She laughed

I know
when she looks at me
it's just a dream come true
if you don't believe me
look at her to.

Why do I
 hold my hand.

When I cry.

Talk about Star Trek
Peace in our time

Hold your toe
tell me I'm drunk

Peroxide may be good

Kiss me
while I pour it on
your foot.

Trust me

I swear
I'll cut your hair tomorrow
curly Shards will haunt our house forever
But you will smile and laugh
and dance with me
in spite of a fucked up Toe.

Tomorrow is
our Day
to Wake

We should go to sleep.

Danger City My Crazy MTV Basement Tapes Entry and Route 66 Magazine Video of the year 1988!
Movies don't help when you're waiting for direction
every line sounds contrived
And, Moon beams don't help when your making a connection
everyone must decide
She's lost
she's hurt
alone she needs you.
She gave thought to the essential, caught a glimpse of its potential
to save her soul
She made herself a temple, found a savior in the sensual
to make her whole
She felt her way home
Closed her eyes for answers
you're bound to free her soul
with that love inside her.
Cars are starting , looks deceiving
you're departing she is grieving
look into the night
at what you lost..
Cold is scolding, heart is beating
night unfolding, feels like bleeding
breathe the neon and breathe exhaust..
She's lost
she's hurt, alone
she needs you
She made a big decision , made a sexual incision to heal your soul
Created a religion, created the conditions
to make you whole...
So feel your way home
look in her eyes for answers
you're bound to free your soul
now that you're inside her...
She made herself a temple found a savior in the sensual to save our souls
Created a religion , created the conditions to make you whole..
So feel your way home
Close your eyes for answers
You're bound to find your soul
with the light inside her!
So make yourself a temple
find a savior in the sensual
Create a new religion
with a sensual incision
Free your soul
Free your Soul
Free Your Soul!


I'm not allowed to tell you
but i'm superhero142
my sister is 145
I don't know why
neither does she
She has taken on monsters and
aliens that dwarf you and me
oh wait
that was 143
that's my other sister
her monsters from the inside
Its odd
the universe can change
she buys it
she's like a fish or a lake
serene and angry
sardonic precise
she can lift spirits
kill with a word
she saved the real Springfield
just by doing their taxes
I fried a guy accidentally
it didn't kill him
but he has a killer tan
Mom would fry eggs with lightning
my sister caught the asshole that stole my bike
He walked home without Bones

I could fly in
my bare feet

Election 1972
in a rosebush I flew
did you
thats the thing
it hurts you feel
it even now
some eye in your head is crying
some voice is singing
so say what you must
sing it everyone that has ever lived
to hear
say it for the children
you will never have
say it to your last love
say it to your self

while you weep
remember the clue..

I am super hero 142.

I need a Job :)

Smart enough to be Cruel?

Dear Elizabet