Saturday, February 1, 2014

China Cat

its strange. The way she yells at me when ever I speak. I always ask her whats up, sometimes she smiles at me like she used to. But really it's like I'm saying 
ya know?
Why get mad and yell at me?
Go ahead stare at that stupid box 
I'll pee on your Purse again!
Remember how you didn't notice til you were in Church?
It was worth getting chased behind the couch for..
I'm over here
WHY aren't you LOOKING AT ME?!
I can see every detail of you
I have been watching
and there is no time
for me
I LOVE you
I fall asleep staring at you
falling asleep.
I see you cry
To you I go
ILove you
Touch me please but
that's enough..
I Love you
but shut up
let me go
I'm uncomfortable
leave me alone!

I'm Back
The way she yells at me
whenever I speak.

Don't cry ok?

Ride about Austin Radiation