Thursday, November 21, 2013

Moon behind Thunder

Moon Behind thunder
Stars from Down under
my life of love
and blunders
keeping me safe in a room
with out news
locking me in thoughts
of old ghosts sitting in Pews
Chains of the dead
rain wet glistening
on bare shaven heads
I'm all alone in here
inside my dread
Cancerous bed
seething and turning
far past term
afraid to speak
as they shuffle by
coils and cords
plugged in but
unable to cry.
When it's time
I'll drag them outside
in the light
of lightning
inside the sky
eyes of the
Moon rain down
sobbing in tune.
my insides fall out
stumbling legs
in salt
complete at last
rinsed in tears

Time to learn
something new.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Every person that ever could have been here was.
Every person that ever has been , or will be in each one of us .
Like the many worlds theory but
we are all
really one person
living as many countless lives
every possible incarnation
of this Universe
in this Universe
we are all one