Wednesday, August 28, 2013

There IS still good music in Austin!

IS still good music ! But nobody is listening to Music....Not really listening , leaning your head back and hearing dust turn into thunder right before the first note starts. Then ignoring the pops and skips. Not like a crowded Street quieting down so the lead singer can speak from a makeshift stage...Then the same crowd going crazy after the Bass Drops!
                                                                           The good news is YES there is good music!
                                                                                                   and a lot of it!
                                                                  But , you have to be willing to hear a lot of Crap.  
                                                                     Now you don't buy albums buy songs. 
                   In a way the entire structure of Album -Song- Chorus-Verse- Measure- Beat is thrown completely off! 
                                                                      Not only in the whole project as it is heard,
                                                                       but the way it is produced, and presented.
                                                        The song is heard out of context, or only as a Song/Album. 
                     Most people, not just kids, are listening watching the video, or listening and watching something else. 
                                                           They may have an entire browser filled with open pages, 
                                                                             as well as a phone buzzing with Texts. 
                                                                   The very nature of the music business right now
                                                                                             is as mysterious as 

                                                                        Dark Matter : Nowhere yet everywhere.

                                                                              Basically that is my equivalent of :
                                                                        "When I was a kid we didn't have Radios!
                                                                                  We didn't have Rock And Roll!
                                                                                             We had Rocks!
                                                                            We smashed them against our heads
                                                                                     and it sounded Copacetic !!"

                                                                                                But Listen !
                                                          My very most wonderful crazy collection of Pals, Buddies
                                                                         that guy I can't remember how we met.
                                                                                friends this is OUR town YO!
                                                                       We are the Music Capital of our butts!
                                                                   Even though the weather can be contestable
                                                                        There is Beautiful Music Happening
                                                     T H E     O L D     P E C A N     S T R E E T     F E S T I V A L !!
                                                                                     September 28th and 29th
                                                                              Come discover New Local Music,
                                                                                            Arts and Crafts,
                                                                               and Austin the way you love it!!


Monday, August 12, 2013

It's hard to deny that this is pretty much what's happening, and the folks that don't complain about government leaders the most are not checking up and reading about the ones they have trusted. republican or Democrat. Why would you defend folks that defend the richest? Unless you yourself are among them, or you have put a religious like faith in Politicians and News commentators with out looking up the facts from an impartial source. Sometimes hard to find the truth no matter what you believe. But I would rather admit I am wrong about someone I trusted than let them bankrupt our State and cause more misery in the name of an ideology they wear like a fine fur. The person that coined the term "Complacency is death" did not specify that it would be quick. We can still stop it. We can come together as Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Human beings and stop the inhumane treatment of ourselves and our countries people. Put aside your blistering anger and fear, turn of the constant shouting and finger pointing. Be an individual find out for yourself and never be satisfied until you see all sides. Put aside the huge ideologies , look to your children. Let me help you, help me understand you. We are Americans, we are not the One Percent ! I only need enough money to have my family live comfortably, what I worked for! We take care of our own, our hurt, our old, our kids. We are ALL the people. People are more important than Money, PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN IDEAS! Americans are more important than Rich Folks that throw around big money and ideologies around on T.V. to talk us out of the money we earned, to make us hate the poor . Believe in God or not Human beings are as close as you get. You're Human I love you. If you don't care so what, my sister doesn't like me either! We can make this better together, we always have, we always will we are not the Rich or Famous, We are Americans. Give me your hand I'll pull you up!