Thursday, September 25, 2014


Blame Obama as usual?

Do not forget that the Iraqi government ASKED US to handle I.S.I.L.  Someone should tell those backward human rights defiling jackasses like Saudi Arabia to grow the fuck up and treat folks like human beings, but, it's not exactly a great way to convince them to handle their own region so we don't have to watch our folks being murdered. While  I think it's true that  we shouldn't get too involved, I also am aware that the dude who pulled troops out of Iraq doesn't want to put them right back there again. So far he has taken his time to explore all the options. You can't accuse him of jumping the gun here. Well i guess you can even though you are ignoring the folks that urged him to act sooner and jump headlong into ground troops being redeployed immediately. I think you folks that keep repeating like a chant "He wants Twenty years more war !" know that's not true, you just can't think of a different soundbite!  The fact is this dude has kept us OUT of many conflicts until now and returned troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm not saying i'm happy about the war but Don't be a republican and blame everything on Obama when you know it was US who elected Bush that caused all this head removing crap in the first place, and that area of the world is full of asshats that remember that!  I also think this strategy may or may not work but what are we gonna do sit around with some popcorn and watch the weekly beheading? Maybe if we're lucky we'll get to see some chemical warfare. Make no mistake America, this rests squarely on our Oil consuming, money grubbing interfering shoulders . One man, even Bush, is not enough of a scapegoat to take responsibility for it. This is Our fault!  We elected the brainless corporate turds that put us , the Iraqis, and I.S.I.L on this rollercoaster and Obama wasn't one of them. If anything it was his lack of action when chemical weapons were found. He tried diplomacy first. Don't forget that man.  His strategy may not sound perfect in every avenue of thought however, at least he has one better than "Shock and awe " and I doubt we'll be seeing him in a flight Jacket with " Mission Accomplished" over his head ! It's safe to assume that if it was Romney or any other person we would be in the Ukraine, Iraq and would have already been in Syria for years.