Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why don't Bumper Stickers come in braille ?                                                 :P

Saturday, July 27, 2013

                  Damn!         I sure wish I had some Chai Coffee while watching this Storm! 
                                                                      Hey Wait!

                                                               Rodge to the Rescue! 
               Here is a simple way to make Chai Coffee yourself!! No Bare Ass-istas needed! :D

Friday, July 26, 2013

What if we built a machine to take care of our species forever

who would be the first to decide when WE should cease to exist?

What if you , me, anyone you've ever loved


or forgot

existed forever?

Can we change that? Ocean


It's almost funny the way we puny Humans predict the future.

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 The future is not a constant
 like a Living being is.
Life has Stages.
Bewilder People Enough to Remember You. 
 What makes us human?
The ability to tell a joke in a crisis
 and the ability 
to find it funny.
The Future is never here
when we are.
We are made to take care of our species for as long as we don't 
cease to exist .
Who be the first to decide when...?
What if 
we Decided to
stop having so many kids?!
what if that was ok?
what if you could DECIDE for yourself
A decision for Children Alive 
That are currently in poverty?!
What about NOT putting Crap like 
High Fructose Corn Syrup
in everything?
What if  WE  Decide..
For our future
by living in the present 
and not polluting our 
Human wonder with 
addictive and harmful
crap that assures our kids watching us die slowly.

What if ?
we Decide 
to  Relax 
 actually stop thinking 
taking a bath instead of
freaking out.
What if ?
 We decide to hold something sacred, to ourselves
to our closest loves, to life.  It could be that the fact that
you are a thinking, creating, process, living is almost an afterthought
but it is most Sacred. 
We Decide 
Empathy is not surrender. 
There is no way to peace
Peace IS the way. 
What if ?
We decide to Participate!
To show up disheveled but to show up! 
To Stand up for each others rights
as Human Beings.
(Remember just that phrase "Human Being" 
suggests that there are many "Being" that are not Human!)
What if 
we decide to stop our species 
it ceases to exist?
We dedicate our aimless thoughts to empathizing
with our closest and furthest souls, 
with everyone we have ever loved
touched, laughed with.
What if we were built to take care of our species forever?
 The future is not a constant
 a Living being is.
Life is a Stage.
Bewilder People Enough to Remember You. 
 What makes us human?
The ability to tell a joke
or the ability 
to find it funny?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
 What is this noisy thing that knocks all the pecans off the Trees?
 it is a sheet to wear after a dry Summer.
 A Rhythm only rivaled by the heart.
An old love
Playing with happenstance drops
 drape you in the sunlit
 as a moment
Tears upon a Seed.

Rodger is wondering about Twitter. 5:09am - Comment - Like

Rodger watches the wonder of Trickle down never reaching the bottom of the well.the Well pouring from the falls. 5:08am - Comment - Like

Rodger knows how to tie Two Ronald Reagans Together, to form the wheel, for the Well pouring from the falls. 5:06am - Comment - Like

Rodger is Fat as a Bus Is A Car! 5:00am - Comment - Like

Rodger realizes this is not the Eighties.And Maybe he should stop talking about Fat Being Free! 4:58am - Comment - Like

Rodger is Dumped with Philidelphia Cream Cheese! Next to Midgets on the Porch of the Vatican. 4:54am - Comment - Like

Rodger Watching Ronald Reagans make electricity. Wow! There's some kind of Know how I Know Now! 4:52am - Comment - Like

Rodger is on the way back to the Eighties, Clawing through Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Two Ronald Reagan s Tied together Formed a water wheel to grind the Grain. 4:49am - Comment - Like

Rodger Can't hear any one talk as the Truck full of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Speeds Through the City! 4:44am - Comment - Like

Rodger is Saved Miraculously! by Philadelphia Cream Cheese Fat Free! I happened to fall into a passing truck full of Philadelphia Cream cheese,I can't hear anyone tal. 4:42am - Comment - Like

Rodger is Floating like a Republican ! Towards the light of the Eighties. 4:39am - Comment - Like

Rodger is realizingPhilidelphia Cream Cheese May give me five bucks every day, ....BUT It's no matter how light and Fluffy, And FAT FREE?! That's right! 4:35am - Comment - Like

Rodger is chuckin the Philidelphia Cream Cheese Piece of pie. and lookin for the RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRip Cord!! 4:33am - Comment - Like

Rodger is realizing that last decision was really stupid. 4:30am - Comment - Like

  Rodger is wondering about twitter.

Caves of Mars

Everyone here wants to go home ,everyone here wants to stay inside
I cant wait to be alone
Under the outside of of everything they say
I can't wait
On my Mind in my Vision
everything is such a Huge decision
I Can "T


Sensors say

Opening Hatch bay Twenty Six.

No one will remember me.

 Sink into the red dust

Steps begin to disappear

Stuck in a Plastic Bag
Let me drift

watching everything

Crescent earth away.

No one is here
 to hear me

Tether pretender
electric compliant
into the Atmosphere

You may see me as you do
 but you will never see me as I am
Slowly distorting
My voice recording
repeating the
the words you vaguely remember
As on old man I would say

Everyone wants to stay inside
talk all day
colliding currents
inside their minds

Whet stone in the sand
drowned alone with all hands

Scraping  away
on the Edge of the Earth

Dust was once

Blind and burning rings

Skin remembers

eyes still sting

Once surrendered


happens all at once


in the caves of Mars.
When someone is singing, or humming to themselves, NEVER
interrupt them,
stop them.
Shut up and listen
Listen to them
Some folks don't sing that often
or in front of people
or ever
what you're hearing
may be the only part of
the only song they ever sing.
Smile and treasure the Universe
as it hears


Sunday, July 14, 2013

They're searching for WHAT?!
They're confiscating WHAT?!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It was an Honor to stand with and for the WOMEN of TEXAS!
It was a beautiful day and even though I got sick and had to hang out in Starbucks bathroom for the first half hour. Me and Nicholas got to hang out and I showed him how Democracy works and showed him a bunch of historical Sights at the Capital! i was proud to walk around the bottom of the rotunda yelling for the rights of Women to choose! 
"We have not yet begun to FIGHT! " 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

HEY Dudes over Forty YO! ? Don't Just let your Prostate go! Get it checked tomorrow! I have the most awkward conversations with my butt Doctor!
It's kind of almost Bro talk now. I mean if I could just stop talking long enough I guess this wouldn't be an issue. Butt..
Get Your Prostate Checked!

Prostate Cancer is the leading cause of Death for the Penis Bound!
No Joke! If you catch it early you can survive!
I watched my Mom go I don't want to hear about you
Bro! ;)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Me and America 2013

Happy Birthday America! Or I should say United States! You know the Declaration was signed on the 2nd! I don't say that to show off my Historical knowledge(cause everyone knows that already anyway) But because the 2nd is my Birthday!
         I was brought up in Washington D.C. San Diego California, Kepflavic, Iceland, Albuquerque New Mexico, and I ended up Here...Austin, Texas. I got lucky and was able to travel when I was a kid being a military brat. My dad worked for N.A.T.O. and my best friends were Norwegian, Icelandic, and German when I was 10-12. I had trouble talking to them at first, but you know kids. When there's time to play, there's always a way!
             I remember the other kids would make fun of us cause we only knew English,. They knew English and at least one other language. I remember them making fun of me speaking German once when I farted outloud! I asked my friend Walter and he told me they called me a Butt Bomber!  I called them Dumb heads.  Dumb
                  The one thing they all seemed fascinated about was us, I mean the U.S. They would ask us about Marshals and Deputies, and Judges. Oh, and the Six Million Dollarman. But , what they always wanted to talk about going to the United States. They always asked us boneheads about the Declaration of Independence.
                         We longed for the States too. There was not much to do in the dark days of Winter. We read the Encyclopedia for fun, no internet, no X-Box.
                    One thing the other kids from Iceland, Germany, Norway,  always asked was why everyone in the United States was always arguing,  arguing with the government, arguing with each other, why didn't people just do what the government prescribed? I asked them why any people would just do what the government wanted.
                              Then i asked them why  Farting was so hilarious in Europe?
        We blow a lot of Hot air at each other!  We DO fart and argue constantly,  it gets intense the debate continues on and on! But wait! We debate! We don't just remove a president when he becomes unpopular! We Are Americans! We VOTE him out! or the Supreme court fails to recount!
            There are a lot of dissenters,and there always should be , who have every right to question the system - because that is how the system is designed-It doesn't work! Well guess what you're right but it works well enough for you to be able to say it doesn't and not get shot! Not to say you won't be watched. Or remembered by someone that disagrees
              Yes in states like Texas People like Rick Perry and David Dewhust they have skewed the system by redrawing district lines in the favor of the rich, the corporate, and used the heartfelt sympathies of a working public to inadvertently back their schemes by tacking on words like -abortion -to legislation. But even those folks won't be blind forever. People like Rick Perry are the dark side of the coin. You know they are everywhere. The asshole boss that fires everyone takes away your insurance but pays you just enough to hang on yet threatening to fire you every day. Giving speeches about how others who are really desperate are taking advantage then going home to a luxurious lakeside town home paid for by YOU!
                These folks claim high morals above us all. So they can appear to be looking out for us. They often  the high ground by burning down everything and everyone underfoot. They are not Secular or interested in the rule of law. they are interested in the law of their self interest.  They can have really nice hair. They eventually act out the lies until even they are confused.
     The United States isn't just about a bunch of nebulous morals passed down from some old white guys in wigs . It's always been imperfect, but has always had the courage to turn around and face the mistakes we have made and try to avoid them again. Our Country is full of fucked up shit,  but our people have also helped more people through out the world and have been there when Earth shattering disasters occur. Our People are what make us not Great like a force to be reckoned with but great like a hand to the desperate, a flower to the forlorn, or a kind word to a child. We can save this planet we have corrupted worse than our own government. We can save our souls as well. Not so we can go to some fairytale place called heaven. Not even because it's right. But because we, the poor, the lost, the unaligned, maligned, the "Unruly Mobs", and the ridiculous, know what suffering is like. We don't turn away from it we turn to face it! We don't hide our feelings we CHOOSE to feel them. No not everyone needs a gun but if folks gotta have them, then lets make them safe so only the owner can fire them, so our kids are safe. Lets Face our Mental health Disaster and deal with it! No not everyone smokes Pot but a lot of innocent people go to jail over something that isn't any more powerful than a couple a couple of still drinks, hardly ever precludes violence, and many suffering from cancer need better access without persecution!  Science is a wonderful thing and genetic modification can eventually help us solve our food supply problems, but no one company and no products should be favored by the government, or put on the market until fully tested and approved by the people. No one wants abortions to happen but they do.They always have, they always will. We can keep living in an dark age where people deny the truth or we can take control, limit how late but make it safe,  protect women and their children from the meandering legislation that has actually done more to take away benefits and harm the healthcare of the very women it purports to protect! Lets not force any woman to submit to any procedure she did not think of herself! Lets stop treating the Working Poor and Women in general like criminals! Let's stop pretending that we're talking about Human life, and talk about the Human lives that have names ,and a homes and Mothers that work!! Stand up for the poor Children already born who are being denied  healthcare!
                                    Remember this phrase- We The People?
                      I remember reading it that Encyclopedia a long time ago with the wind pulling at the windows  I was all alone. It made me feel something. Something like connected to you. and You..well you very likely piss me off. I'm sure I don't agree with you, maybe not on anything. So we argue? NO we debate! We use our brains, back it up with our hearts and we talk and talk and protest ! We may feel strong emotions but file motions we do not murder each other!
                  We do not agree, but we can agree, we CHOOSE to agree, that all men, all Humans, are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator-Universe with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.....
                         and the right to fart without ridicule. We are Weirdos of this Sandbox! We argue because we care, we dare to not destroy each other in favor of the something that others see as weak.   Consideration Compassion and Compromise. We seek Happiness for all. Not just the Rich, but the Poorest of us as well. There is not Red there is no Blue, there is Me and You.
And WE are Americans ! Lets do this together!